Bespoke Bathroom Interior by Wayne Hutchinson

 Random locations of Wellington Fryer

I just thought I'd show you some images from a recent bathroom interior shoot. The mixture of natural and ambient lighting set off the Carrara Marble and bespoke wall mounted units really well. I'll hopefully have a few more examples from up coming projects soon.

Still life (Fruit) by Wayne Hutchinson


At times when the inspiration grabs you you have to act fast. In this instance it was a still live image that came to me whilst looking through some food photography images. I was passing by an antique store and decided to have a look for some old silver spoons. I happened across a nice set of six fruit spoons for a good price, I only needed the one for what I had in mind but no matter.

That and a bunch of grapes from the local fruit and veg guy was all the props needed, I shot this using window light on a sheet of black card. the only light mod was a 2stop scrim over the window to soften the hard sunlight coming through. No studio needed just a window a sheet of card and a spoon with a side order of grapes for effect. the colour treatment is a subjective thing but after playing with many effects and tweaks I came up with the end result here.

Time Stitched by Wayne Hutchinson


Here is a sample image of my own watch, just a simple wrist watch but one I’ve had for over 25 years and still ticking. In preparation for an upcoming product shoot I thought I would make a start and run through some lighting set ups and post processing.

The only things missing from this project is the macro lens I usually hire in for whats called focus stacking, This would enable me to have a series of images with the focus start at the front of the watch and the focus on the others slowly working there way across the watch to the back. Then  in HeliconFocus software it would blend them all together to make one image with end to end sharpness.

Here are a few pics of my basic set up and lighting at home in prep for the shoot at the studio.

In this instance though I'm not using a macro lens yet! instead each image has various reflectors angled in directions to light up the rim of the watch and run through HeliconFocus in the same way.

After this process the rendered image is brought into photoshop to make a basic composite.

After this process the rendered image is brought into photoshop to make a basic composite.

For me the process was ok but the sharpness is not there at the top of the pic, this is where the macro lens would play its part and not the 80mm lens I used here. Incidentally I cropped this image right down! I'm probably using about 8% of the actual image but the sharpness is still there due to the medium format camera being used, So yes not the right lens for this job but it didn't stop me from training on the rest of the process for this result. 

I hope you found this practise run interesting and will post samples of the watch shoot as soon as possible.

Refurb Complete by Wayne Hutchinson

Here are a few images from a recent shoot the company Volumech had finished their latest refurbished cement mixer ready for delivery to the client. these images are for the new website they have in development.

Sophie Jones Portraits by Wayne Hutchinson

One weekend when the sun decided to be nice to us all, I took the opportunity to take some outdoor portraits. young business woman Sophie Jones PA to local MP here in Gloucester. Sophie was kind enough to let me take her portrait, This was for a Stills project I'm working on. I used natural light using window reflections off the sun where possible and played around with the colour treatment on some of the images.

Norton Stone & Masonry by Wayne Hutchinson

 Bishop Beason, CD images

New machines installed and ready for high production, I was commissioned to capture new images of these machines in action for Norton Stone & Masonry’s new website. Here are a few work action shots taken on the day.

Community Sings by Wayne Hutchinson

I took some time out a few weeks back and did some photography for a new and local event in Gloucester called Community Sings. By its title local talents meet up and just sing and jam the night away making it a great evening and open to all customers to sit and listen. Its there hope to make it a regular event and with the success of the first night I'm sure it will be, Good luck guys.