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My blog is my virtual diary i guess, Things of interest and various commissions I've worked on either portraits, sports portraits or even commercial imagines taken in the past or presents I'll post up here. not every job gets posted on my website after all.

Drink Me! I heard it say that.

I've been meaning to do a product shot of this bottle a while now, On the final day of my day job I was given four bottles of JD as a leaving present... Four, Luckily I was sensible and took my time getting through them so as not to effect my new day job as a self employed photographer. So anyway I'm down to my last bottle (I know this sounds like an AA confession but really its not) and thought It  was about time I do a test shoot.

There was a lot that went into capturing this image not just from a quality perspective but to make it look desirable too. from the soft light on the bottle cap rim, bringing out the brand etching on the neck to the information on the label and making the bottle almost radiate its presence. "Drink me" I felt it was saying as I was taking the shots which to me indicated I was on the right track in terms of its look and feel.

Heres the final shot, do you get that same feeling when you look at it? This questions for the Whiskey drinkers among you by the way, Cheers.

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