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My blog is my virtual diary i guess, Things of interest and various commissions I've worked on either portraits, sports portraits or even commercial imagines taken in the past or presents I'll post up here. not every job gets posted on my website after all.

Gloucesters New Cinema Interiors

I had been asked to capture interior images of the new iMax cinema Cineworld in Gloucester Quays for a ceiling installation company. the main challenge here is that most of the ceiling tiles were black and they wanted detailed and natural looking shots of all area including the screen rooms.

This caused its own problems at this venue photography wise, from windowless corridors that randomly change colours to the screen rooms that have fabric wall coverings that absorbs light (nice).  This isn't a tech blog so i'll spare you the details but the results came out great, prepping for a job before a shoot paid off as both my negative and positive theory's were correct and the shoot went without hitch.

Here are a few of the images.

In this screen room I used a series of long exposures to bring out detail. Interestingly enough the screens actually have silver fabric in them for higher definition (hence the name). I used the screen as a giant reflector to reveal the tiles that was otherwise invisible to the human eye when you look up.

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