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My blog is my virtual diary i guess, Things of interest and various commissions I've worked on either portraits, sports portraits or even commercial imagines taken in the past or presents I'll post up here. not every job gets posted on my website after all.

Massey Charity Race

The risks you take to get THAT SHOT! A cousin of mine is a veteran runner and enters quite a few events throughout the year. I decided to tag along for one such race up in Coventry War Memorial Park a few weeks back, On the whole the images came out great although a medium format is not the best camera type for such an event! I thought I’d take it along anyway and see what I can get.

Click image to view the next.

NB: Note to self 200metres is not far back enough to take an on track shot of the runners heading towards me! Big thanks to the park bench off camera left I used for cover.

I'd like to thank Dave at the Massey Ferguson RC for allowing me to capture on the day, And a very well organised event indeed.

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