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My blog is my virtual diary i guess, Things of interest and various commissions I've worked on either portraits, sports portraits or even commercial imagines taken in the past or presents I'll post up here. not every job gets posted on my website after all.

I had an hour to kill

This is starting to be a regular thing, These blog titles are when I've got some free time or feeling spontaneous, This time it was the later. I'm arranging a project involving some BMX tricksters to bump up my sports portrait section and at the same time trying to come up with some other sports or skills to take portraits of. Philip Cooke is a friend of mine and has been studying the art of Aikido for more than 25 years and has reached his third Dan on his black belt,  He was kind enough to let me sit in on a training session last week, and even took time for one or two poses. 

A very big thank you to Philip and all who took part that evening.