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My blog is my virtual diary i guess, Things of interest and various commissions I've worked on either portraits, sports portraits or even commercial imagines taken in the past or presents I'll post up here. not every job gets posted on my website after all.

Test Shoot with Gabor

 Lifestyle shhot of a business man, jogging, with family and a lumberjack look

I spent a few days in Ghent (Belgium) and whilst there had a few test shoots lined up, The first was with Csinger Gabor in the above image. we went through a few looks for this shoot. Business/ Jogging and a lumberjack look of his own creation. I've already had a few people ask the question so I'll go ahead and mention 'the lumberjack look was first and then he trimmed his beard'. 

I think Gabor did a great a great job on the day, Here are some shots from the shoot.

We found a great location a Wenduine - West Vlaanderens area. good sand forest area and beach for the shoot. heres a few behind the scenes shots.

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