Still life (Fruit) / by Wayne Hutchinson


At times when the inspiration grabs you you have to act fast. In this instance it was a still live image that came to me whilst looking through some food photography images. I was passing by an antique store and decided to have a look for some old silver spoons. I happened across a nice set of six fruit spoons for a good price, I only needed the one for what I had in mind but no matter.

That and a bunch of grapes from the local fruit and veg guy was all the props needed, I shot this using window light on a sheet of black card. the only light mod was a 2stop scrim over the window to soften the hard sunlight coming through. No studio needed just a window a sheet of card and a spoon with a side order of grapes for effect. the colour treatment is a subjective thing but after playing with many effects and tweaks I came up with the end result here.